About us.

Lomah Studios is an independent, global creative company since 2005.
Within those hard-working years we’ve evolved and adapted business models to make us innovative.


We provide context-specific Agile approach to working on Product management, Lean UX, Cultural and Technical coaching in order to effectively improve your value stream.

We are Lomah

We are self-starters, highly motivated creative people with self-belief and leave all the egos at the door. We have a policy of the ‘best idea wins’ and the ‘we are Lomah’ which is about family values and rewarding our team for productivity and results… not time in the office.

Our Culture

The dynamic culture of Lomah Studios resonates strongly as a pillar of the brand. It makes us a values-led corporate culture with worthwhile goals that’s enhanced the longevity of our company. Plus it’s fun to work with us.

How we work

Depending on the budget, project and client brief we bring a win-win approach to suit the needs of most clients. We have multiple touchpoints for offshoring which may involve development in California but most of the work is created, maintained and designed in Australia.

What Clients Say.

The team at Lomah Studios are prescient thinkers which understand how innovation fundamentally changes industries, businesses and careers. The hardest thing to do in our industry is tread water when it comes to changes in the landscape. They don’t just keep up-to-date they help set the agenda for the rest of us.

Joseph Corr, Executive Creative Technology Director

Crispin Porter + Bogusky